Sunday, August 30, 2009

How was your birth?

Tell us how your birth went?


Anonymous said...

Well my birth was over 16 years ago and it was great. I felt like I was totally taken care of and given the best care. My son's birth was very different compared to my daughters birth in the hospital. My birth changed my life and that is what has lead me into becoming a Midwife self. Tammy

Anonymous said...

qwerty2My birth center birth was amazing! I had the best care possible during my pregnancy, not even comparable to the OB I saw during my first pregnancy. Having my birth there with Women who truly care about me and want me to have the most special experience possible made my daughter's birth original and more wonderful than I could've imagined before.

Angela Lowell
Angie Lowell

The only down side: Redlands needs to re-pave the roads so the drive there isn't as bad!

I hope these ladies can be available for me anytime I need womanly care or when I have my next child.

Anonymous said...

Mt birth was nothing short of amazing. From the second I knew I was pregnant I knew that I was going to have my baby at The Birth Center. I knew about hospital births and the very common downward spiral of pitocin, epidural, and whatever they might decide is "needed" I thought about a home birth first but after meeting with Tammy, I knew that she would take care of me and give me the support I needed.
I was in labor for a total of 12 hours, 7 of which i labored at The birth center. I enjoyed having the freedom to stay in my sweats and walk as I pleased. I had a lot of back labor (my baby was facing sunny side up), and the midwives made sure that I was comfortable by coaching my support team(my boyfriend and sister-in-law) on where to apply counter pressure, this made everything much more bearable. I was read positive affirmations and was deeply relaxed, so relaxed that at one point I just walked in circles holding on to the back of an office chair, where I visited the "birth planet." It was very euphoric, whenever I would have a contraction, i would rub my belly and breathe until it was gone, and kept walking. From what I've been told I walked for about 2 hours, the my water broke, yipee. I was getting closer. I did have many internal checks, but at this point I wanted to know how far along I was because I really wanted to get in the laboring tub. I spent some time laboring in the tub, having warm water poured down my back. This felt great! The whole time i felt completely at ease and taken care of. Upon getting out of the tub, I was checked again, to find out that it was almost time to push, hooray!! The baby wasn't far enough yet so I was asked to sit on the birthing ball to let gravity help us out. I'm not sure how long it took( you don't have much of a concept of time) before they told me It was time to start pushing; I couldn't be happier, it was almost time to meet my baby. Well lots of squatting and pushing and 2 hours later,(yes he was a cone head) We met our little boy, Baby Manuel Germaine:)
He is six months old now and I remember his birth like it was yesterday, not a day goes by that I don't reflective on this empowering experience.

Rissa said...

I had my baby at the Birth Center in April 2009. I loved the birth experience I had. The midwives made me feel so safe and loved, they even had my husband involved...he caught her when she was born. I could never imagine having my daughter anywhere else (this is my first baby). After she was born I felt so empowered. I felt like "I am woman, hear me roar!" That experience can never be taken away from me...truly a gift. I hope more women educate themselves about the birthing process and that they too can experience the true joy of natural birth. A bonus for me was the birthing tub, the fact that I could eat and drink throughout my labor and also I loved having my family there to experience every moment with me.

Anonymous said...

Shortly after moving to California from Texas I found out that I was unexpectedly expecting. Due to not having found a job yet, I was quickly contacted with Medi-cal. I lived in the Big Bear area at the time and soon found out to my amazement that the hospital there didn't have a maternity ward and that there weren't ANY midwifes in the area.

I had first contact with a midwife when I was 17 and until then I was very ignorant. I thought only people who didn't make it to the hospital in time didn't get drugs and everyone had to see an obgyn. After speaking with her, I was in awe. I knew that when the time came to have my child I wanted a midwife, I wanted a natural birth (unless complications occured) and I wanted it to be MY way.
I met Leonette, Tammy & Marissa and knew that this is where I needed to be. They are only one of two birthing centers in california that accept medi-cal. I had already started seeing an obgyn in Big Bear and was disgusted to be in there for only 10 minutes and only get answers to questions I already had. This being my first pregnancy I didn't have a clue of what questions were necessary to ask. When I started with the birth center my appointments were an hour long. Not only did they check the regular stuff, they asked me questions and asked if I had any questions. I fell in love!
Fast forward to 2 days before my due date...
I started labor pains at about 7 pm. I was re-watching "Business of Being Born" with my mom and husband. I decided not to say anything because I had heard of so many women who had gotten excited just to find out they were braxton hicks. So instead I timed them. After the documentary ended I told family that I thought I was in labor but to go to sleep and I'd wake them up if the pain woke me up (then I would know this was for real). So at about midnight I woke up from the contractions and decided to drink some water and continue tracking my contractions. At 1 am, I woke my family up and said that we should make our way down the mountain and call leonette when we were close.
We got in and realized that I was still not as far along as I thought I was so we stayed in the hotel next door and I stayed in the bathtub while I let my coaches rest. At approximately 4 am we called Leonette again, my contractions were getting intense. I labored in the pool and occasionally came out to check my progress. I had HORRIBLE back labor which was later attributed to my son's head coming down crooked. My husband and mom would take turns massaging my back and my mom would take pictures and video of my adventure. I would never be the poster child for natural birth. I was in pain but I knew this was the best for my child and I. Why would you suffer through colds, headaches and other ailments while being pregnant but at the last minute shoot yourself up with all sorts of medications? When my progress began to slow Leonette suggested that I stimiulate my nipples. After that, I feel like everything went very quickly. I soon began to feel the urge to push. Marissa helped with a rope while I began pushing while squating and holding onto the knot on the other side of the rope. We went back and forth between checking my dialation and the squat pushing. When time came to start pushing, I was put on my side and my husband caught my baby. It was a magical moment that my husband nor I will ever forget. To this day my husband is extremely proud to say that HE caught HIS child on HIS birthday (yes my son and my husband share a birthday and only 1 minute difference). I quickly had my brother go get us some food at the denny's. I ordered a hamburger and fries and DEVOURED it. I was famished and very tired.
Now I'm expecting my daughter in about 5 weeks. Although I moved 4 hours the other direction, I made arrangements with my family near Redlands and with The Birth Center to be able to have the same empowering experience again.
Thank you THE BIRTH CENTER for giving me what most have never experienced!!

Tiffany Armendariz