Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Why an out of hospital birth? Why not a hospital birth?

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Anonymous said...

I, personally, have many reasons. I don't feel I can trust an obgyn who is on the clock to give me accurate information. If I HAD to have my baby in a hospital and the Dr told me that I needed a c-section I would not feel in the position to argue or question their decision. But, I have total confidence with a midwife. I know they have my best interest at heart.
I came very close to having to have my current pregnancy at a hospital and during the tour I asked many questions and I was surprised to know that the hospitals in the state of california do not allow video taping of the birth only of the labor. I want video tape of my birth if for nothing else to torture my children when they become teenagers.
Most places don't allow you to move around during labor, don't allow you to eat and have many other restrictions.
Those are only a few of my reasons...
-Tiffany Armendariz